Six Month Dental Implant Treatment

All on 4 implants

The term All on 4 implants, also called All‐on‐four, refers to the fact that teeth are supported ‘on four’ implants, a commonly used prosthodontic technique. It is a minimally invasive technique, which is also used in teeth restoration procedures. In an All on 4 implant, the implant crowns or crown protrusions are placed directly onto the root of the tooth. They then fuse to the root tooth and cover up gaps or spaces that are present. After the procedure, an esthetic bridge is recommended to improve the patient’s facial appearance.

This type of procedure usually requires minimum period of surgery, which takes only about thirty minutes, and the recovery period is relatively short. If there are any complications, the dentist can address them immediately. However, some of the conditions that an All on 4 implant might resolve include: pocket depths below the gums, receding gums, under bite, overbite, misalignment of teeth, overbites, jaw abnormalities, gum recessions, infection, and bone spurs. A dentist can determine the success of this procedure by conducting a postoperative examination and viewing the results of radiographs and x-rays. The procedure is most suitable for patients who have healthy teeth with minimal sensitivity to orthodontic procedures.

Dental implants have many advantages over traditional bridges, which are placed over the extracted teeth. First, there is no need for a second surgery because the prosthodontic implants are securely anchored to the gums. Moreover, since there are no adjacent teeth that need replacing, aesthetic benefits are clearly seen. Furthermore, with this procedure, there is no requirement for dentures, bridges, or crowns because the prosthodontic devices take care of those. Once the prosthetic teeth are replaced, the patient will be able to smile with confidence and improve the self-esteem of patients with missing or broken teeth.

There are different types of All on 4 implants according to their location. One type is placed below the gum line while another one can be placed at the back of the mouth, right below the mandible. This allows for better oral health. Patients who have suffered from trauma or bone loss are encouraged to opt for dental implants because they can replace one missing tooth or many in their lifetime. In addition, implants are able to prevent the occurrence of bone loss.

Another advantage of dental implants is their ability to support the jawbone and the tissues surrounding it. Due to the weight of a person’s head and the natural forces that occur when speaking or chewing, there is a considerable amount of stress placed on the bones, tendons, and ligaments of the jaw. This makes it difficult for some people to chew their food properly. If they were to lose this support, it could lead to severe bone loss.

The All on 4 implant can be used to replace teeth lost due to accidents. When a person has suffered a tooth loss, there is often a need for an orthodontist to take x-rays so that it can be determined which teeth need to be replaced. However, sometimes the damage done by the accident is too much and the jawbones cannot be fixed and a lower set of teeth cannot be saved. In these cases, dental implants can replace the teeth or the entire face lift can be performed instead of the traditional surgery.

People who are suffering from periodontal disease are encouraged to opt for All on 4 implants because this bone and gum support is similar to what a person would get from dental implants. In fact, it can help delay the development of periodontal disease by allowing the jawbone to heal properly. When the jawbone heals, the supporting bones and cartilage are also protected. It will allow the jawbone to form stronger connections that will prevent it from breaking down again. For this reason, All on 4 dental implants are recommended for people who have damaged their jawbones because of root canal procedures. They also work well for patients who have lost a whole or partial tooth.

As you can see, there are many different reasons why All on 4 implants are the best option for a patient who needs one day of dental implant treatment. Whether one day of treatment is required for one tooth or if the patient has lost multiple teeth, All on 4 can be the perfect solution. This dental implant treatment can be completed in one day or can be divided into six monthly visits.