Rent a VR Headset For Your Next Event

rent vr

The benefits of renting a VR headset for your product launch or event are immense. It can help you create a unique experience for your guests. Guests can try on the headsets and get a real-world experience of VR. There are many companies that rent VR headsets, and you can find a suitable location near you by following a few easy steps. Here are some reasons why you should rent a VR headset for your next event.

Benefits of renting a virtual reality headset for your event or product launch

VR has a number of benefits for your business and event, from increased attendance to improved brand image and customer loyalty. The headsets are expensive and require charging stations, and are also susceptible to damage. It requires precise movements and can break. However, you can rent a VR headset for your event, product launch, or event and reap the benefits. The following are some of the advantages.

Increased engagement: By generating more engagement, people are more likely to listen to your marketing message and try out your product. In addition, VR creates media attention, and a larger audience is more likely to pay attention. Potential customers will stop to look, and may even ask to try it on themselves. This will further generate interest and ultimately, more sales. You can also get potential customers to spread the word about your business by having them try on a virtual reality headset.

VR experiences are highly interactive, and can be used to create memorable brand impressions. It creates a culture of social sharing, which can drive more traffic and sales. Even better, VR is highly engaging, allowing guests to spend a significant amount of time in a virtual world. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun with this technology! The best part is, it’s not only fun – it also shows your business as a forward-thinking company!


While the average cost of renting a VR headset is around $15 per day, you can save money by renting one for a week or a month. Rentals will include a selection of VR experiences. VR rentals are a great option for film festivals, event planners, and app developers. There are also on-site staff to provide assistance if you need it. The following are some tips to keep in mind when budgeting for your rental.

Hire Intelligence provides high-end VR headsets for rent. With this technology, you can create immersive experiences for your audience and attract more customers. Hiring a VR for your event will allow you to preview new apps and host events with ease. Additionally, it will give you access to the latest tech without incurring a high upfront cost. To get started, contact Hire Intelligence and check out their selection of VR headsets.

Where to rent a vr headset

If you’ve been looking to try VR technology but haven’t quite saved up the cash to buy one, you’ve come to the right place. VR headset rentals are now available at a number of locations around New York City. Here are the best places to rent a VR headset in the city:

You can rent an HTC VIVE VR system, which is equipped with a VR camera, a room-scale play area, and motion-tracking controllers for an immersive 360-degree virtual reality experience. You can also rent 360-degree VR headsets that pack a room-scale VR experience into a compact space. 360-degree VR is great for showing off videos and quick games. You will need a VR-ready PC for this setup.