The Original Veldskoen

For those who enjoy wearing shoes with a social conscience, Vellies shoes are for you. Made of 100 percent genuine leather, the shoe has a comfortable footbed and rubber sole that won’t tire your feet. There are three solid color options and they can be resoled, too. These casual footwear staples are great for the office or for an evening out. The classic look goes well with jeans and chinos. In addition to the timeless style, Vellies shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Vellies shoes

Vellies shoes are made in Africa by artisans. The brand uses traditional African designs and crafts to create artisanal jobs. Authentic leather is used, and all of the shoes are handcrafted by local artisans. The shoes are handmade in a South African workshop, so they have a distinctly global feel. The company’s name originates from an Afrikaans word, veld, which means “field”. Because of its unique heritage, the shoe collection is inspired by different cultures.

The name Vellies is derived from the Afrikaans word for skin, vel. This word originally meant “leather”. Over the centuries, the name changed to veld, which means “field.” Thus, the original Veldskoen was born. Nowadays, Vellies is a popular footwear brand for women. However, if you’re looking for a unique shoe, this brand is for you. These shoes will make your outfit pop.

Unlike other brands, Brother Vellies offers a wide selection of styles, from the traditional veldskoen to the ultra-modern sock. The artisanal craftsmanship behind each piece of footwear is important to the success of the brand. As with any other handmade product, the craftsmanship and materials are important. The company’s mission is to promote artisanal production in Africa while preserving the spirit of its ancestors.

The original Veldskoen is an unisex all-terrain chukka shoe. Its design is a modern-day version of an old classic, inspired by the maasai communities of the African plains. The color pops from the sole and the laces are a stylish touch. The brand is also committed to ethical procurement of the rawhide leather for their veldskoen. The company also supports sustainable fashion in developing countries.

The name Vellies shoes came from the Afrikaans word “veld”, which means “face.” The original veldskoen was created from the skin of a maasai. The artisanate’s work took generations to perfect the shoes. Today, they are a popular choice among men, women, and children alike. Its history and unique designs will be a conversation starter. The latest range of a pair of Vellies will be sure to make you feel proud.

The original veldskoen is a very popular shoe in South Africa. The name comes from Afrikaans “vel”, which means “skin.” The word veldskaen also means “field”. The name is an acronym for veldskoen and is also a synonym for veldskoen. If you have an appreciation for a veldskoen, you’ll love this brand! They’re a great option for every occasion.

The brand’s footwear is handmade in Africa. The veldskoen was originally a popular African footwear style in the 1920s. The company launched a brand in 1963 that has expanded to other countries. Since then, it has expanded to include sandals and slides. And while most Veldskoens are for the young, the company also offers a range for the older generations. The quality of these shoes is excellent, and the designs are very unique.

The original workshop in South Africa, founded in 1963, has been producing velskoene for more than 40 years. The company uses age-old techniques to produce these shoes. The veldskoens look and feel exactly like their namesakes and are unique. Despite the name, it’s hard to find a shoe with a perfect fit. The quality of these sandals and boots is unmatched. The brand’s style is timeless and makes a statement in any setting.

Known as “vellies” or “veldskoens,” these shoes have become a popular option for both men and women. The unique design of these footwear pieces is truly unique, as the original veldskoens were crafted by seven or eight men in the country. In addition to their timeless beauty, the veldskoens are also durable and comfortable. A pair of veldskoens can easily last a lifetime.