Xerion AuRACLE Engine Monitor

The AuRACLE ™ is the next generation engine management system designed for your aircraft to replace all of your primary engine instruments. Whether you own a Bonanza, Cessna, or Lancair…the AuRACLE ™ is for you!

Imagine. The capability to fly your aircraft without the continuous task glancing over a cluster of outdated engine instrumentation wondering if your attention is better directed elsewhere. The AuRACLE’S ™ ability to display your engine data on its vibrant 5.0″ direct sunlight readable Liquid Crystal Display is un-rivaled in its human factors, functional redundancy, and military-grade reliability. The engine analyzer functionality is clearly presented, highly accurate, and as useful as it is pleasing to the eye. The AuRACLE ™ constantly monitors your critical engine parameters, alerting you to unexpected changes using its advanced exceedance monitoring system. Intelligent warning messages are displayed prominently, allowing you to immediately recognize and interpret a critical situation. The Xerion SmartLean ™ leaning process allows for simple and precise leaning, whether you lean from the RICH side of peak or the LEAN side of peak!

New! The AuRACLE ™ I will utilize your existing JPI™ EDM-700 or EDM-800 engine analyzer harness and sensors…plug and play!